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Most Frequently Asked Questions

I might be losing my home to foreclosure. Where do I start?

Call the Spielbauer Law Office!!

I have been sued by a collection agency for a relatively small/large amount. What can I do?

Call the Spielbauer Law Office!!

What rights do homeowners/debtors have?

Often when facing foreclosure, or a collections lawsuit, homeowners feel defeated.  And sure, it's a scary situation. But it's not always a done deal-and you DO have rights! First of all, there are certain requirements a lender or debt collector MUST follow when your home loan goes into default.   A number of these are encoded in the Homeowner Bill of Rights.  If these aren't followed, many times the foreclosure can be stopped. ,  When attempting to collect a defaulted debt, again there are procedures which must be followed, or liability will attach to the debt collector.

Can I avoid foreclosure?

In short: yes! It depends on each individual situation, of course, but there are many ways that a foreclosure can be dismissed. Did the lender follow the right procedures? Did they comply with proper court orders? Is the lender overcharging or inflating their fees? These are all examples of real-world examples of things that DO happen, and many homeowners aren't aware that it can result in delaying or even completely avoiding foreclosure!

What can you do to help me?

My job is to provide you with aggressive legal support throughout this process. We'll take a look at your unique situation and determine whether your lender  or debt collector has followed all appropriate actions, and what the best response for you might be.  I want to help you keep your home-but you have to act quickly, because there IS a timeline on the foreclosure process-but you have to act quickly. I want to help you to be free from debt collectors-but you have to act quickly.

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