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Seems Like Magic . . . Its Really Skill

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The Spielbauer Law Office does what it promises, and more. It creates miracles.

        I am a real estate professional. I was in bankruptcy but the bank got permission to sell my house. The foreclosure sale was days away, the lender ignored me, and everyone told me I was a lost cause. I would lose my house.

        The Spielbauer Law Office not only stopped the sale, but had the sale outright cancelled without my making a payment. The Spielbauer Law Office then resolved the foreclosure matter to my substantial benefit.

        Thanks to the Spielbauer Law Office, I remained a home owner and not a renter.

        The Spielbauer Law Office did a great job. We will be eternally grateful for all Thomas Spielbauer has done to help us.
                -Pilar T.



        I truly thank you for all the help and guidance you gave us during this difficult time. I really can't imagine how things would have turned without you. You gave us answers and choices even though some choices were difficult.

        You will never really know how deeply grateful my family and I are for all your help.
                -M. V.


      You are truly a miracle worker. You stopped the foreclosure sale of my home. You then suspended the predatory mortgage payments.  I have not made a mortgage payment for over two years now and it will be at least another year until a mortgage payment comes into discussion, when the litigation concludes.  All thanks to you!!  I shudder to think what would have happened without you!
                -Earl N.


       We were in uncharted (and scary) waters. You really helped. You were kind, professional, & informative. We Thank you.
-Jim G.



        Mr. Spielbauer's integrity and honesty were refreshing. I am very happy I called. I was able to make effective decisions, and I regained my peace of mind.
-Lee H.



       I am a well-educated business executive who ran into financial difficulties.

        I faced a foreclosure sale by the unyielding holder of my second mortgage. My home is located in an affluent area and has a market value above $6 million.

        The Spielbauer Law Office not only ended up canceling the sale, but it also negotiated to have the lender pay $90,000 to bring my first mortgage current. I also did not have to make any payments on my second mortgage for four months.

        Over the past 20 years, I have dealt with dozens of attorneys. The Spielbauer Law Office is one of the best. Mr. Spielbauer is a smart, professional, and knowledgeable fighter, and he represented my interests extremely well. He always took time to speak with me and answer my questions, and he promptly returned all my telephone calls.

        Mr. Spielbauer is the person you need on your side when you have a problem with your mortgage. I cannot thank him enough for his help!
                - Jack O.



    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. John and I want to Thank you again for getting the sale postponed [last July 2008, and cancelled since]. After I learned you had postponed the sale, I sat and cried for at least 15 minutes in my car. And thanking God for bringing you into our lives. I have learned so much from you already. Also Thank you for your patience with me when I don't always understand what you are trying to say to me. I know the fight isn't even half over yet and I am glad you are part of my "American Dream-Team."
                -Linda K.



        During July/August 2006, I, a senior citizen, had a loan with World Savings. During these months, I was contacted by a mortgage broker through a telemarketing call. The broker made numerous, and fraudulent, promises such as they had a "Senior Citizen" loan program whereby I would not have to make a payment for 5 years. I subsequently signed their agreement.

        My son shortly thereafter became aware of this predatory loan, and I rescinded it within the three days allowed. New Century Mortgage refused, however, to honor this rescission. In fact, they demanded payment four months later. Then they apparently sold this mortgage to Saxon Mortgage Company.

        This matter has been in the news.  One can read about it in the National Real Estate Journal and on ABC Television.

        I went to another law Office who negotiated the rescission. However, two years after the loan, the value of my home went down by over $200,000 and rescission no longer made any sense.  I could not refinance by then.  That other law Office told me they could no longer help.   Saxon thereafter began foreclosure proceedings on my home, in May 2008.

        Then came Thomas Spielbauer of the Spielbauer Law Office.  Spielbauer has conducted such a vigorous defense for me, a poor Black woman who is 72 years old, so vigorous that I am stunned.  I am still living in my home despite Saxon's having commenced foreclosure in May 2008, and my not having made the demanded mortgage payments to Saxon or anyone else.

       This case is now pending in Federal District Court. The case number is Northern District of California case 08-CV-04357-EMC.

        Oh, by the way, the Spielbauer Law Office fees are affordable.  I am living proof of this.

        All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. 
                -Ruthie H.





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